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Sheriff Jerry Pope

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In the July Primary, voters are required to choose the Democratic or Republican Ticket.  Many citizens have contacted me about the dilemma this creates.  Coffee County is currently represented in the Georgia State Senate and the Georgia House of Representatives by the Republican Party.  Historically, candidates for the office of sheriff have run on the Democratic ballot.  If this continues, in July, voters will again have to choose whether to vote for the sheriff on the Democratic ticket or for the senator and representative on the Republican ticket.  This practice could silence the voice of Coffee County in public offices at the local, state, and federal levels.  This must not be allowed to happen.  As your sheriff I AM COMMITTED TO NON-PARTISAN ENFORCEMENT OF THE LAW in Coffee County and to fulfilling the oath of office that I will support, protect and defend the Constitution and Government of the United States, and of the State of Georgia.  I believe that the sheriff’s race should be non-partisan because the duty of a sheriff is to enforce the law – not make the law.  As your sheriff, I strive to serve all citizens equally, regardless of race, religion, social status, or political affiliation.  After hearing the overwhelming concerns of many citizens and much consideration, I HAVE DECIDED TO RUN AS A REPUBLICAN and will be listed on the Republican ballot in the July 31st primary.  The simple answer for how I reached my decision is that it is the right thing to do.  Not only is it important that your voice be heard regarding who will be your sheriff, but also who will represent you in the Senate and the House.  My decision will allow you, the voters of Coffee County, to have your voices heard.  Let us all continue to pray and work together for the growth, prosperity, and safety of Coffee County.  I humbly ask for your vote in the upcoming election and for the privilege of continuing to serve as your sheriff.  Together we can continue to make a difference in our community.  May god bless each of you and your families, and may He continue to bless Coffee County, Georgia and the United States of America.

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